Anyone playing Downtown Showdown yet?

Downtown Showdown

Earlier this week, COLOPL NI announced the global release of Downtown Showdown, a city building, resource management, and real-time strategy game for iOS and Android devices.

It features a competitive city building (and destroying) experience complete with live PvP matches for the ultimate turf war.

Go ahead and download it for free here: Google Play| App Store.

In Downtown Showdown, players pledge allegiance to one of two metropolitan moguls—tech-savvy entrepreneur, Zach Gold or real estate tycoon, Bill Banks—competing to build the best cities in the world. We’re team Zach Gold BTW.

If you need a little more coaxing, here’s its official trailer. Which seems pretty cool if we might say so ourselves.

Players are tasked with strategically placing housing, businesses, recreation centers, and utility structures in a desirable layout to raise their city’s population, resident satisfaction, and in turn, their team’s standing on the global leaderboard.

However, building a good city to live in isn’t the only ingredient of victory. Players must also recruit Attacker units—from graffiti artists to fire-breathing monsters—to destroy and loot rival team cities, as well as Emergency units to protect their city from opponents’ Attackers. Players can also improve their team’s ranking by challenging others in a Showdown: the first competitive city speed-building mini game of its kind!

Key features of Downtown Showdown include:

  • Hundreds of building units: Choose from a rich selection of residential, commercial, and industrial buildings to place around town to satisfy and attract residents.
  • 7 types of Attackers: Level up and deploy spies, graffiti artists, monsters, and more to destroy rival cities and pillage resources like timber, food, and coins!
  • Showdown real-time competitive building mode: Face off against other players to build the most strategically sound city possible within a limited time.
  • Worldwide contest: Build the best city possible to rise up the leaderboard and improve the team’s score. Trophies are awarded each week to the winning team. Will Zach Gold or Bill Banks emerge victorious?
  • Friendly travel between cities: Visit friends’ cities to help them recover from Attacker invasions and share resources to speed development.