This year’s Apple WWDC to be software-focused


Apple’s Worldwide Developer’s Conference is a week away and fresh rumours indicate we may be seeing a lack of hardware launches this year. When we last wrote about the WWDC 2016 we addressed the lack of overall hardware rumours preceding the conference. At first we thought maybe Apple has locked down the leaks but new reports suggest Apple just isn’t ready to show us the iPhone 7 or the updated MacBook Pro – which is disappointing, but not entirely disheartening.

Hardware aside, we can definitely be excited for iOS 10 that promises to be filled with UI refinement and quirky innovations on the UX front. Apart from iOS 10 we can hope to see the entire Apple App Ecosystem updated, with Apple Music poised to get a complete overhaul. Could WWDC 2016 be when Apple finally perfected music streaming for the masses?

We may not have much use for Apple Pay here, but the concept is exciting nonetheless for Apple users. A fascinating rumour suggests Apple Pay will be coming to web browsers. Users will be able to use it to make payments through Safari and allow peer-to-peer transactions through iMessage. We’ve also heard murmurs of a Siri SDK that will allow developers to bake Siri into their apps to allow for more Siri-based shenanigans.

Though this year’s WWDC is looking to be a software-only event, mobile OS won’t be the only highlight. It’s highly likely that Apple’s personal assistant, i.e. Siri for Mac, will be making an appearance. Since Cortana in Windows 10, Apple and Google have been working hard on their own personal assistants being a larger part of your life. It should definitely be a fun demonstration. This probably won’t be the only new feature we see for OS X. A lot of what gets updated on mobile should be seen on OS X as well. Stay tuned for more news and finally the main event next Monday, June 13.


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