XTouch XBot Senior is a feature-filled, affordable, tough smartphone for everyone

XTouch introduces new rugged phone line


Dubai-based consumer electronics company XTouch today unveiled the XTouch XBot Senior as a part of its new Robot range of rugged mobile phones. The series also includes the smaller XBot Junior and feature phones XBot Swimmer and Champ.

All phones in the series are built to withstand tough environments while also being comfortable for daily usage, all at an affordable price.

XTouch XBot Senior: Tougher than you think

XTouch XBot Senior: IP69 Resistance

The flagship phone of this series is the XTouch XBot Senior. Being IP69-certified, the smartphone is drop-, dust-, water- and jet spray-proof. It is also capable of withstanding high pressures and temperatures up to 80 degrees Celsius. It comes with a high-quality rugged body, making it the best option for extreme activities and tough conditions.


The XTouch XBot Senior runs Android 8.1, and is powered by a MediaTek 6739V chipset. Storage options include 32GB expandable to 128GB, along with 3GB RAM. Unlike most rugged phones, the XTouch XBot Senior packs a 13MP camera as well as a fingerprint sensor. However, a key feature is the 5,000mAh battery.

Rugged family

XTouch also launched a few other models during the conference. The IP68-certified XTouch XBot Junior, a smaller version of the XBot Senior, as well as the XTouch XBot Swimmer and Champ. The Swimmer, along with its standard features, floats in water, and is equipped with a torch and power bank functions. The XBot Champ, on the other hand, packs an IP54 rating, with a large torch and 5,000mAh battery, doubling as a power bank.

#GNTech spoke to Tim Chen, Founder and Managing Director of XTouch, who says, “Our target audience for these phones are the young and fashionable people, who like to take up adventures. Our other target audience are those working in tough conditions, like sandstorms in the Middle East and Africa or oil rigs.

“The philosophy of XTouch is to provide high-end features at affordable costs, which makes them unique.”

Pricing and availabilty

The XTouch XBot Senior is priced at Dh1,234, the XBot Junior at Dh999, and both are available in charcoal black and fire black colour options. The XBot Swimmer is priced at Dh199, which is available in flame yellow and charcoal black. The XBot Champ is priced at Dh111.


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