Xiaomi prepares to enter the US

Xiaomi Mi5 Xiaomi phablet

Chinese mobile manufacturing giant Xiaomi is prepping to enter the big leagues, with an imminent expansion into the US market. Once just a start-up, Xiaomi is now China’s largest privately funded mobile company.

In a recent interview with Bloomberg, Hugo Barra, Vice-President of Xiaomi, said, “The US is a market that we definitely have in our sights. We will lead with social media, with the channels that allow us to get in touch with the young generation that are enthusiastic about new technology. We are definitely going there.” He also hinted that the company may launch a new product in October. We are unsure if it will be a smartphone, tablet or any of the other devices from the brand’s diverse product line-up.

Currently however, the US market is heavily saturated with everyone vying for a place among the top three with a multitude of devices at both ends of the price spectrum. Making a stand in this environment will prove especially challenging for Xiaomi. Using its online marketing strategy will only take it so far in the US. It has to tap services from the big guns of telecom there. AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile will all need to be offered a piece of the pie if Xiaomi wants to be properly lifted off the ground.

The largest overseas market for Xiaomi at the moment is India, where the online market has been its primary focus and is growing rapidly. It has its fair share of competition there as well, in terms of Oppo, Huawei, ZTE and Vivo.

These smartphone brands are also fighting for recognition in US markets. All in all, it will be a tough market to summit for Xiaomi. However, considering how far it has come from 2010 and the way it’s achieved success, Xiaomi might just come out on top.