Xiaomi phablet in the works?

Xiaomi Mi5 Xiaomi phablet

Xiaomi is a brand that the UAE market is slowly but steadily coming to know. It entered the market with the Mi Note. Next, they had their first global release of the Mi5 at this year’s MWC, which is expected to launch in the UAE sometime next month. Next, we could have a Xiaomi phablet.


The Chinese brand recently conducted a poll for its fans where they had to choose from the following names: Xiaomi Pro, Xiaomi Max, Xiaomi Big and Xiaomi Plus. Considering the overuse of Plus and Pro in the past year, the fans seem to have chosen the Max, which had the lead with over 51 per cent of the votes.

The names itself cause a rage of speculation stating that Xiaomi is working on a device bigger than the Mi Note, which has a 5.7-inch HD diplay. Suggestions lead to the assumption that the device could be as big as 6.4 inches. Other discussions suggested that the display could be a 2K resolution LCD panel, the device will run Snapdragon 820 and have a fingerprint reader (since they finally got one on the Mi5).

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