Xiaomi Max screen images leak

Xiaomi Max render leak pic
Leak of an image of the screen panel

Just yesterday we discussed the latest rumours regarding Xiaomi working on a 6.4-inch phablet called the Xiaomi Max. The name was decided in an online poll given to Xiaomi fans who chose Xiaomi Max ahead of Pro, Plus and Big.

The leak comes from Chinese microblogging website Baidu. The image only shows a front panel but offers some nifty clues indicating its a Xiaomi product. Firstly, the bezels are barely there, which is a very Xiaomi trait if we’re looking at the Mi Note or the Mi5. Secondly, the capacitive buttons on the bottom look exactly like the Xiaomi-designed buttons on all its devices. There’s no fingerprint reader like on the Mi5 but suggestions are that there will be one on the back of the device. Other features are unknown but the general consensus states the processor will be the Snapdragon 820.

What do you guys think of a device of this size? Is it still potent in current smartphone culture?





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