Meet CHiP – the world’s most advanced robotic dog

CHiP by WowWee

Note: We’re massive animal lovers here at #GNTECH. So if you are looking to welcome a new furry member to your family, please consider adopting. Via Dubizzle, Feline Friends or K9 Friends.

That being said: If you have always wanted a pet, but couldn’t due to your mum’s “allergies” [note the quotation marks (she’s not allergic BTW)] you’re in luck.

Consumer robotic and consumer entertainment product manufacturer WowWee have unveiled a product that made visitors to its stand exclaim the brand’s name in joy.

Today at CES, the brand announced the availibility of the Canine Home Intelligent Pet, or CHiP for short. The robotic dog will interact with his adopted family just as a real family pet through advanced artificial intelligence.

The company claims no two CHiPs are alike since the robotic dog learns from interactions and recogises its primary owner through a SmartBand.

Using the SmartBand buttons, you can “like” a certain action to reinforce a behavior you want CHiP to do more of, like sit or stay, so CHiP can learn what you like and behave accordingly. You can also tell CHiP to “come” to you, to “dance” or you can put him in “sic ‘em” mode – where CHiP will bark aggressively and “attack” the person of your choosing. Lastly, the SmartBand can be used as a remote control for CHiP.

The SmartBand also serves as a notification center, alerting you with light indicators if CHiP wants to play, is hungry or needs something.

The free companion app (available on iOS and Android in Q3 2016) will feature the same controls as the SmartBand and will allow you to customise new trick commands on the SmartBand.

You can also direct CHiP with just the movements of your hand. With GestureSense technology, CHiP recognizes your gestures and can follow commands like sit, stay and come.

After a long day of play, just like a real dog, CHiP will need some sleep! When the battery is low, CHiP will automatically return to the SmartBed to charge. If CHiP can’t make it to the SmartBed, he’ll text you through the companion app to let you know so you can help.

Available today on Indiegogo with special pricing starting at $159, CHiP comes with a SmartBand, a SmartBall and a SmartBed, plus an additional SmartBand so two family members can interact with CHiP.

CHiP will start arriving in homes in Q3 2016. Following this initial campaign, CHiP has an estimated retail price of $199.99.