World’s first robotics and innovations store to open in Dubai


Action To Action is set to open the world’s first robotics and innovations store in Dubai. Innovators, which will be located at Dubai Festival City, is the only retail concept of its kind, dedicated to visualising the future transformation of consumer electronics retail.

The store opens on July 3 and will feature more than 100 innovative robotics and unique brands such as EZ Robot, Wonder Workshop, DTS Robotics, Amaryllo, Quitbit, and, to name a few. Innovators will enable visitors to have a hands-on experience with the latest robotics technology and innovations from some of the world’s latest brands. It will have a dedicated section for robotics, where shoppers can interact with the many robots and learn more about their functions, and even purchase their very own robot.

“The future of consumer electronics is in innovation, and we foresee that real value will be delivered by products that are apart from traditional electronics,” says Cizar Abugazaleh, Managing Director, Action-to-Action. “The introduction of robotics into the consumer electronics space is proof that customers demand more from their devices. The world is embracing robotics, and we are proud to be the first to offer robots that suit a variety of segments such as education, services, recreation and for domestic functions. We are making some of the world’s best brands accessible to our customers in the region.”


Innovators is unlike any other traditional consumer electronics store in the region. The store is the world’s first electronics store to not list traditional electronics products such as laptops, tablets, desktops and mobile phones.

“At Action-to-Action we are enabling innovators to take their products to a wider marketplace,” adds Abughazaleh. “Innovators, as the name suggests, will give innovative technology start-ups a platform to make their products accessible to customers in the region. The very DNA of the Innovators is to deliver only the most unique consumer electronics experience to customers. We are the only store in the Middle East to focus on robotics and innovation and we aim to stay away from the traditional products to focus on advanced technology that simplifies life of our customers.”

As a means to opening up the market to new inventors, Innovators will allocate marketing funds to support new innovative brands listed at the store and will not ask brands or innovators for fees to promote, list and display products.