World of Warcraft Legion: First Impressions


World of Warcraft is a ubiquitous name in the gaming world. Doesn’t matter what kind of gamer you are, you’ve heard of it and there’s a good chance you’ve spent some time in Azeroth. We got our hands on its latest expansion Legion and wanted to tell you our first thoughts on diving into Blizzard’s latest Warcraft tale.

Each expansion of World of Warcraft has has a subtle objective behind it that players realize as they traverse through the new content. Legion seems to be geared towards getting old subscribers to look back and realize they left behind something they loved and didn’t know they missed. The element of nostalgia for classic players is baked into a lot of what Legion has to offer and I must say it’s working. I haven’t played World of Warcraft seriously in a VERY long time. Not only does it make me realize how old I am, it also harkens me back to a magical time of MMO gaming.


Releasing an expansion in 2016 for a 12-year old game whose genre isn’t very popular or recognizable in the current gaming landscape, needs a fair bit of thought, even if the studio in question is Blizzard and the game is one of the most played and popular game to have ever been made. What Blizzard has done brilliantly is create an expansion that allows newbie players to jump right in without needing to catch up on 100 levels and a decade of content. A single character can get a 100 level boost off the bat allowing new players and players who haven’t launched World of Warcraft in a very very long time.

The new level cap for Legion is at 110. Though there are an extra 10 levels, the amount of new content seems worthy of a whole new game. Players of all kinds will definitely appreciate the new Demon Hunter class. It starts at level 98 off the bat and will be available to the Night Elf and Blood Elf races. Azeroth has also increased in size in Legion with a brand new continent called Broken Isles. This is where you go to get from 100 – 110.


Artifacts are a fun new addition to Legion and should make life easy for a lot of classes. Legion will allow each class to earn special weapons called Artifacts that are based on the Warcraft lore. These Artifacts are fully customizable giving players the ability to be as unique as possible. Every World of Warcraft player since launch would be familiar with The Emerald Dream. It is a spirit realm inhabited by dragons and animals. Players can finally enter The Emerald Dream through a brand new raid called Emerald Nightmare.

Features that really attributed to World of Warcraft’s dominance were concentration on solo play, allowing gamers who love the genre quest on their own and use random player matching tools to take on dungeons and group quests. Along with this their social feature allowed guilds and groups to form easily and practically became a social hub where users would log on for hours just to chat and get little playing done. These features are as evident as ever in Legion and are vital components to experience Legion to its utmost. There’s so much more and we’ll be back with a full, in-depth review of Legion for you so stay tuned!


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