The Energysquare mat charges any device wirelessly

Can this innovative charging method gain popularity with the masses?


Currently underway in Las Vegas, CES is renowned as a breeding ground for new technology. But even more so, the show floor sees a lot of innovation. Energysquare is a start-up that has invented a new way for people to wirelessly charge their devices. The technology seems to be compatible with almost any product in the market.

The company’s Kickstarter campaign last summer saw the start-up pull in three times its funding goal.

On display at the show floor, the company’s product consists of five very thin stickers that work together with a charging pad. The stickers come with electrodes to enable the flow of current. At the end of each one, there is either a microUSB, USB Type-C or Lightning connector that plugs into the user’s device. Once the sticker is installed on a device, it can then be charged by placing it on the pad.

The charging pad can accommodate up to four devices on the larger SquareTwo

The French start-up has used conductive charging technology to enable the simultaneous charging of multiple devices. The charging pad can accommodate up to four devices and can charge them at close to regular charging speeds.

Once stuck, you no longer have access to your charging port unless the sticker is removed

While the product is very innovative, it comes with one slight flaw. The current design of the sticker blocks access to the charging port, which doesn’t allow traditional charging. If you then wish to charge the device regularly, the sticker must be removed. Having acknowledged this problem, Energysquare is actively trying to fix it. The second generation sticker is set to have a port on its back to avoid this problem.

Energysquare is set to ship its product in the first quarter of this year. It will cost $89 (Dh325), including five stickers and the charging pad. Availability and pricing details for the UAE have not been confirmed yet.


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