Wireless Charger Duo for Galaxy Note 9 and Watch leaks

Galaxy Note 8
The Galaxy Note 8, seen here in maple gold

It’s high rumour and leak season for the Galaxy Note 9 with about two weeks to go for its August 9 unveiling. A tweet from Roland Quandt shows the packaging of a wireless charger from Samsung, called: Wireless Charger Duo.

Samsung Wireless Charger Duo: What we know

A leaked FCC document had previously hinted at a really fast wireless charger being developed by Samsung for its Galaxy Note 9. Now we see what that filing was talking about and can almost definitely expect it to be a part of Samsung’s August 9 Note event.

What’s more is that the Wireless Charger Duo will be able to charge a phone and the upcoming Galaxy Watch at the same time. However, the primary feature of this wireless charger is meant to charge two devices at the same time and not be a crazy-fast charger as per initial rumours. The convenience of charging two devices at the same time has given way to the dream of ever-fast charging.

We’ll know a lot more on August 9 at Samsung’s official announcement of everything Galaxy Note 9 and its accessories, so stay tuned.