Will the Samsung S10 be a 100% bezel-less device?

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The age of the truly bezel-less smartphones seem to be closing in. A report from Lets Go Digital shows Samsung has filed a patent with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) for a “Display device and frame member”. Vivo and Oppo are working on phones without a notch, bringing truly bezel-less devices closer to reality.

Samsung S10: Fully bezel-less?

Your conventional mobile has 2 strips around the phone that connect the screen and the phone body. It’s usually joined together and stuck using adhesive tape or glue. Now a new design patented by Samsung works on a four-strip technology where the strips are made of aluminum or metal. They will be attached to the display using magnets. A U-shaped coupling structure will make it possible to click the strips together. The simpler process allows users to easily replace individual strips and even customize them.

A future without bezels

Don’t only think about smartphones. The technology can be scaled to TVs, laptops, as well as any electronic device with a display. The patent seems like an evolution to the technology Samsung uses in its extremely sleek The Frame TV.

The patent also suggests a similar design is being worked on by Huawei where the design is dust and waterproof as well! That doesn’t factor into Samsung’s patent but it gets very excited for what we can expect from these manufacturers in the next round of flagships. You can have a read through the patent for yourself here.