Why should one invest in luxury technologies?


What does it mean when we say you should invest? The Cambridge dictionary defines it as “to put money, effort, time, etc. into something to make a profit or get an advantage”.  So when it comes to investing in technology, you should receive more than what you have to put in. That statement is extremely true when talking about the LG SIGNATURE range of products.

The LG SIGNATURE series consists of some of the most luxurious and advanced pieces of technology money can buy right now. The series consists of products that do not compromise on performance and are breathtaking to look at. 


All televisions are designed to stand out, but the LG SIGNATURE OLED TV in particular was designed and engineered to not only stand out but also seamlessly blend into any environment. The television is just 3.8mm thin and to put that into perspective, it’s thinner than the smartphone you carry around in your pocket.

LG SIGNATURE Refrigerator

The LG SIGNATURE Refrigerator takes the lead in refrigeration technologies in three main ways. First is the attention to detail and design. Second is the immense amount of smart tech built into the refrigerator. Last but definitely not least, its concentration of keeping your food fresh for longer than ever.

LG SIGNATURE Washing Machine

Today if your smartphone, laptop or TV can be premium, why can’t your washing machine. The LG SIGNATURE Washing Machine comes from LG’s ultra-premium series of home appliances and entertainment products. The washing machine is engineered to cater to those individuals with a heightened state of aesthetic appeal and a strong demand for excellence in performance.


The LG SIGNATURE Air Purifier is here to protect any space – be it home or office or recreational areas – by facilitating the longevity of this environment by protecting every individual that has the opportunity to experience its function. The LG SIGNATURE Air Purifier ensures the air in your indoor environment will have the highest and most pure quality. Quality that your body deserves.

Why is it an investment?

When you put your money down for the luxurious SIGNATURE series, you get way more than just the basic function of each device. From their design to the technology inside them, LG puts immense thought in every detail of the products. For example, the LG SIGNATURE Refrigerator isn’t just a large storage unit to keep your food fresh. It has features such as the Auto Open Door feature which is a smart sensor detector at the foot of the refrigerator that opens the door automatically when you step near it.

Another example of the effort put into the products by LG is where the design of the series comes from. The LG SIGNATURE range is inspired by four global cities including Dubai, Moscow, Milan and Sydney. To bring the “art of essence” to life, LG collaborated with four accomplished photographers to highlight how the architecture of these cities translates into the artistic design of LG SIGNATURE products.

Finally, one of the most important reasons these products are investments is that they are long-lasting. Apart from the being capable with futuristic IoT technologies thanks to LG’s Smart ThinQ, they are also built to last for years to come.

It is extremely liberating to have the power to choose the best life for yourself to live. LG SIGNATURE was designed to offer the most discerning individuals the very best in home appliances so if it’s excellence that you seek, look no further.


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