WhatsApp will soon introduce multi-device support and expiring messages

Your next WhatsApp update may have a few useful features


WhatsApp is one of the most popular social messaging platforms out there. But because it can only be used on one device, it is somewhat restrictive. Aside from bringing multi-device support soon, the messaging platform may also allow users to send self-expiring messages in the near future.

Using WhatsApp on multiple devices

In WhatsApp’s latest beta version 2.20.110, new references to multiple device support were discovered courtesy of WABetaInfo. It seems this feature will allow users to log into the same WhatsApp account from different devices use multiple devices to chat simultaneously.

Highlighting the difference between the current stable version of WhatsApp and the beta (via WABetaInfo)

Furthermore, an added benefit to this is that it would not require a host and a dependant device like WhatsApp Web or desktop applications. Every time a new device is added to an account, the encryption keys will update in response to the change. The user’s contacts will also be notified of the same. While this feature is still under development, expect it to be available in the near future for both Android and iOS devices.

Expiring messages

This feature has been making the rounds since October of last year. At the time, it was targeted at just group chats however now, it seems to be applicable for private messages too.

whatsapp beta
Settings to adjust the duration of messages (via WABetaInfo)

Under the ‘Expiring messages’ option, users can configure how long a message would be view-able for. According to the beta, this feature is only available to the administrators of a group.

The timer icon used to indicate expiring messages (via WABetaInfo)

For individual chats, a timer icon will indicate that this feature has been turned. This can be seen along with the profile picture in the chat list, inside the chat and on each chat bubble.