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WhatsApp call encryption incoming

WhatsApp encryption

Apple’s encryption battle with the FBI has made headlines across the globe. The next big name to enter the ring with a similar battle of its own is WhatsApp.

WhatsApp has offered end-to-end encryption on its chats since 2014 and plans to encrypt its voice calls in the near future, according to The Guardian. Considering the importance user privacy has garnered following Edward Snowden’s revelations, the company may also start marketing these capabilities.

This news comes after Facebook’s VP of Latin America, Deigo Dzodan, was detained by Brazilian police for being unable to provide certain requested WhatsApp messaging data. WhatsApp encrypts data between the two parties in conversation and therefore does not have any data to provide. This isn’t the only thing to happen. Brazil also shut down access to the service in December last year in similar circumstances. Facebook acquired WhatsApp in a Dh70-billion deal nearly two years ago.

It’s also been reported that Google, Facebook and Snapchat have stronger encryption planned for their products in the future, but how and when is still unknown.

What does all this mean for us as end users? More encryption equals better privacy, but authorities aren’t going to take this lightly as it also comes with higher security concerns.