WhatsApp tests video calls

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Beta version of apps such as WhatsApp exists so that it is easier for the company to test new features without rolling out upgrades on the main app.

Latest updates from WhatsApp beta show an option to include video calls. The feature showed up only for a few users and was later removed, but whenever such things happen, it usually means the final release is around the corner.


There have been a few signs of video calling coming to WhatsApp over the past few months including some leaked screenshots showing a basic video calling interface.

Most people who saw the feature in the beta version 2.16.80 said when they tried to use the voice call feature, the app gave the option to choose between voice call and video call but the video call button was inactive.

Like audio calls last year, the update will come in phases, initially limited to a few and gradually including more. Let’s not forget WhatsApp has more than one billion users, so the update has to be gradual.

If you want a shot at video calling in case they show it on the beta version again, you can download the WhatsApp beta program in Google Play.

It is not yet known whether the UAE will grant access to WhatsApp video calling as the audio calling option is already blocked.