WhatsApp app now on Windows and Mac OS

WhatsApp app

WhatsApp hasn’t stopped upping its game for even a little bit for the past few months. Whether its the encryption or document sharing, the Facebook-owned company is showing no plans of slowing down. The latest development sees a dedicated WhatsApp app come to Windows and Mac OS devices.

You can install the WhatsApp app on your computer by downloading it from the following link (Windows 8 or higher, Mac OS 10.9 or higher). After that the process is the same as WhatsApp web; you’re presented with a QR code that you must scan on your phone. Simply open WhatsApp on your device, tap Chats, followed by the menu button and select WhatsApp Web. The app will then open your camera and you can scan the QR code. Within seconds, all your chats will open on your PC.

All functionality of the mobile app is present except for voice calling (which doesn’t work in the UAE anyway). While you can’t call, you can record and send voice notes, as well as send files from your computer. You also can’t format text in bold, italics or strikethrough like you can on the mobile app.

I’ve got the app downloaded on my PC and was wondering what the difference is between WhatsApp Web and the stand-alone app. We can only hypothesize that, at some point in the near future, the functionality of WhatsApp Web is going to be limited by what a browser allows and the app will be easier to update whenever necessary. Considering features such as video calling, voicemail and improved file support are due in the coming months, a dedicated app for PC’s and Mac’s might just be the right move for WhatsApp right now.