WhatsApp may allow editing and deleting sent messages

Editing and deleting WhatsApp messages: yay or nay?

The combined user base of the top messaging apps increased by over 1 billion between 2014 and 2015

WhatsApp continues to evolve with even more functionalities. The latest news suggests that WhatsApp is working on introducing a feature that allows users to edit and delete sent messages. WABetaInfo is a Twitter channel that gives us early news and speculations on what WhatsApp’s working on. This feature was reportedly discovered in the WhatsApp beta build for iOS.

WABetaInfo illustrates how this would work in a video posted on the Twitter account. Select a message and long press for the option to come up. Click on Revoke and the message is gone, with a prompt saying “Sender has revoked the message”.

In a subsequent tweet we can see the option to edit the contents of a message as well. We see iOS demos here but it’s safe to say if it releases on iOS, an Android version is in the works too. We can’t say if or when these additions will go live. These are pretty major functionalities that can prove to make conversations complicated for some, and a pleasure for others. Are you looking forward to this update or dreading it?