What’s next for video games?

Virtual reality and storylines that beat TV shows

Lucky's Tale VR Oculus Rift

Gaming is growing not just in terms of technology but also topics they tackle, reports Los Angeles Times. 2016 will see That Dragon, Cancer dealing with a subject that was off limits up until now, No Man’s Sky exploring new solar systems and life forms, and Mass Effect: Andromeda, the latest in an epic space series starring strong personalities. In order to make a hit, developers have realised games need gripping narratives that give TV shows a run for their money.

Virtual reality video games

On the technology front, 2016 might just be the year for virtual reality. Having been the next big thing for quite some time since Nintendo’s launch of Virtual Boy in 1995, VR has been waiting for its moment. Good reviews for Lucky’s Tale, a simple game about a fun-loving fox, and Edge of Nowhere, an action adventure in the tundra, augur well for VR games. Oculus announced today that Lucky’s Tale will now be bundled with every Oculus Rift.

Then there is the recently launched Apple TV. Independent developers are looking at it as “an accessible game console in disguise”, says Los Angeles Times. They think Apple TV would be a refuge to those put off by the complexity of console hardware.

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