What the main players are up to at Gitex Technology Week

Gitex Technology Week
Jacky's presents its 3D printer at Gitex Technology week 2015

Gulf News has got the low-down on who’s doing what at Gitex Technology Week. Read on to find out.

Panasonic will showcase for the first time outside of Japan its latest innovation BalloonCamTM, combining a drone and large balloon for recording mega events and close interactive customer experiences. It will also showcase products that make perfect BusinesSense in the field of visual display, smart communications and surveillance solutions.

Samsung will take reality to a new level with the mission to set the world record for the most participated virtual reality coaster.

Huawei will showcase its latest product innovations from cloud data centres, developments in the software-defined networking (SDN) space otherwise known as Huawei’s Agile Network, digital banking, smart hotels, to other solutions that are digitally transforming businesses.

Microsoft will showcase its HoloLens augmented reality headset, the first fully self-contained, holographic computer, enabling you to interact with high definition holograms in your world.

Condo Protego will give insights and demonstrate with leading global vendors the latest flash storage and cloud-based data management and cybersecurity solutions to reduce costs, scale for growth and drive revenue.

The TRA’s booth will present a smart engineering building model through a virtual reality device and will demonstrate ways to operate green buildings that run on clean energy. The virtual reality section will feature a game area for visitors while the augmented reality techniques such as reading a book in a projector and browsing through the book’s pages without lifting or moving them physically through an Optic Centre. It will also display the second phase of the Taghtia initiative, which aims to measure the quality of network coverage in developing areas of the country to address consumer complaints concerning weak signals and fulfil their expectations.

The TRA will also present the Drones for Good Award and the UAE Artificial Intelligence and Robotics for Good Award. The award gives Dh1 million for the winner in each competition for the national category and $1 million for international winner.

Sharjah’s Department of eGovernment (DeG) will provide details of its latest applications for Sharjah, including digital links between government departments to increase connectivity and improve the flow of information, and high-level cybersecurity systems to effectively protect and secure data during storage, retrieval, and transmission.

The two-day (17 and 18) GSMA Mobile 360 Series will cover the latest innovations developing in the region while outlining specific topics such as 5G, Connected Living, Identity, IoT, Privacy and Security. Attendees will hear from thought leaders from across the region and representatives from the largest MNOs, the most influential technology suppliers and industry movers and shakers.


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