Western Digital has just shown off an industry-first 8TB USB portable SSD prototype

Western Digital is upgrading the way you store data at CES


At CES, Western Digital (WD) is showcasing new innovations in its extensive lineup of storage solutions. The company is releasing the 1TB SanDisk Ultra Dual Drive Luxe USB Type-C drive for smartphones and laptops. But alongside this, it is also demonstrating the world’s highest capacity, pocket-sized portable SSD prototype.

Groundbreaking SanDisk 8TB SSD

The prototype was inspired by consumers’ desire to capture rich content and keep it with them. With this introduction, WD wants to continue its legacy of technology milestones. The SSD offers not only ample storage but also a transfer speed of 20Gbps.

8TB of storage on the go might be overkill for some but may genuinely be a necessity for many professionals

Combining its expertise in flash memory and design, WD continues to be the leader in developing revolutionary storage solutions.

1TB Ultra Dual Drive Luxe USB Type-C

SanDisk has also released its newest dual connector drive that works with the latest Type-C USB smartphones and laptops. It is made of metal and its high capacity allows you to easily store photos and videos.

Carry around 1TB of storage with you at all times

It is designed to fit on a key-chain, thus offering massive space in a tiny form factor. Because of this, consumers will be able to carry extra storage at any given point of time. SanDisk says the drive is expected to be available later this calendar quarter.

WD_Black P50 Game Drive SSD

We know the WD_Black portfolio is for performance, reliability and gaming. At CES, WD is showing off its P50 Game Drive, which is the first in the industry to sport a SuperSpeed USB 20Gbps interface. It is also displaying the P10 Game Drive and the D10 Game Drive for the Xbox One, which both come with an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate trial membership. All three drives are currently available to purchase.

ibi by SanDisk

Only available in the United States, ibi is a smart photo management device from SanDisk that offers consumers 1TB of local storage working like a personal cloud. With this, you get wireless access via the companion application to help synchronise your photos and videos. You can also aggregate content from various locations like laptops, social media and USB drives to view from within the application.


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