WD Black D10 8TB Game Drive: A tool to expand your gaming machine’s storage space

Make low storage a thing of the past


Often times, gaming enthusiasts tend to run out of storage space fairly quickly. Be it on their consoles or PC, constantly deleting or re-installing files can be cumbersome. To address this, WD’s 8TB Black D10 Game Drive offers the perfect solution.

In the box

Coming in some nice packaging, WD’s Game Drive comes with a power supply, a USB Type-A to micro-B cable, a stand and some paperwork. The drive itself is fairly robust and resembles a shipping container from the exterior. It is not sealed by typical Phillips head screws but you can unscrew the top for direct access to the drive.

The extra ports could come in handy to charge your gaming controller or other peripherals

Otherwise, you find the power input on the drive and the micro-B cable input too. There are also two 7.5W USB Type-A ports on it for extra I/O when plugged into a console or PC.

Setting up

The setting up process for the WD Black D10 is fairly simple. You need to connect it to a power source, and subsequently connect the drive to either your console or PC. While a console specific drive is also available exclusively for the Xbox One, this one gives you the versatility to not only work with it but also the PlayStation 4 or any other PC.

Design wise, the drive is fairly industrial

Particularly for consoles, once you have the drive plugged in, you will be prompted with a message to use the drive as extended storage. By agreeing to this, you will be set to go. For PC users, there is no such prompt with the drive working just like any other external drive.


With a 7,200rpm, the 8TB drive is said to deliver read and write speeds of up to 250MB/s. Upon testing, both sequential read and write speeds came fairly close to that threshold which is impressive. This speed is almost 1/3 times faster than any other competing gaming drive on the market. Putting the storage space into perspective, the drive is capable of holding up to 200 games.

A benchmark result of the Game Drive

Even when reading and writing data, the drive did not show any signs of excessive heating nor noise. Hence, it will not be that much of a distraction when placed near your workstation.


Depending on your needs, you can get this drive in a variety of storage configurations. For someone who is just downloading and storing games, the 5TB variant of this drive may be sufficient. But if you are someone who records gameplay and stores it, opting for the 8TB or the higher-end 12TB drive may be worth it. While this is not an absolute necessity for anyone, it could be useful for more of the enthusiasts.


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