E3 2017: A Way Out is the prison break game we always needed


EA has announced A Way Out, its new game from developer Hazelight Studios during the EA Play press conference at E3 2017. From the makers of Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons comes another co-op adventure that follows a couple of inmates and their escape. We are introduced to Vincent and Leo, who are trying to break out of prison and want to get back to their families.
Creator Josef Fares said A Way Out will be an emotional journey featuring split-screen co-op only. The creators say the game is designed to be played with a buddy sitting next to you to get the full experience. You can also play it with a buddy online.

A Way Out releases on PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One in early 2018. It will be published as part of Electronic Arts’ EA Originals programme, which helps fund and bring independent studio projects to life.

We also have a gameplay trailer for you to get the scoop on what to expect from A Way Out.


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