VoucherSkout offers location-based discount deals


Since GoNabit and Cobone first launched on our shores over half a decade ago, the voucher business has boomed and evolved in all shapes and sizes to give retailers an edge in an ever-competitive market. The latest app to take on the voucher business model with a slightly different take is VoucherSkout.


Launched earlier this month, VoucherSkout has a funky and minimalistic design that is gleamed immediately from its app icon and simple, yet informational website and video. The way VoucherSkout works is that it relies on location targeting and offers up a catalogue of 6 sectors for users. On the home page you choose between Food & Drink, Brunch (obviously), Beauty & Wellness, Sports & Leisure, Family & Kids and Learning. Within these you’ll find deals from a select group of merchants offering users a 50% discount on their wares or services. Within each merchant, users get four 50% discount vouchers. Each voucher comes with its own T&Cs, so be sure to read each before you decide to use it.

The app can be downloaded from the Apple or Google Play Store for free. VoucherSkout’s business model kicks in only when you want to redeem an offer. Unlike apps such as Entertainer that charge you an up-front fee, VoucherSkout charges a fixed fee of Dh15 when you want to use each voucher. This pay-as-you-go methodology allows users the freedom of downloading and browsing the app and paying for only what they use. To make this process more seamless, users can purchase VoucherSkout credits in advance and use them as and when they wish. Credits can also be transferred between friends and as all such apps go, refer a friend to get free credits. While signing up, you get 3 free credits so your first experience with the app is free.


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