Vine’s spiritual successor Byte is now available on mobile

The long-awaited sequel to Vine is finally here


Following Vine’s acquisition by Twitter, Dom Hofmann, the co-creator of Vine left the company. Ever since then, he has been quietly working on a successor to the short-form video platform. Hofmann last teased the application in November 2018, saying that it would arrive in the spring of the following year. Albeit a bit off schedule, Byte is finally here.

A surprise launch

Byte has been in beta for quite some time. But its launch last Friday came as a complete surprise. With our attention spans diminishing by the day, the concept of the application is simple. You can use it to upload 6-second clips of anything, making it a direct competitor to the viral sensation TikTok.

But unlike TikTok, Byte is also said to introduce a revenue-sharing mechanism to help creators get paid for their work. In an interview with TechCrunch, Hofmann said that Byte will be starting with a revenue share system supplementing it with its own funds. Apparently, more details on the program are to come in the future.

Will it disrupt TikTok’s user base?

Knowing how dedicated TikTok users are to their platform, it will be interesting to see how many migrate over to Byte. The way TikTok is set up, only popular creators can earn money from content through direct brand deals.

If Byte is able to facilitate earning through a model similar to YouTube’s, it may attract a sizeable audience, especially TikTok content creators who are just starting their journey.

Limited to certain regions

As excited as you might be to try Byte, it seems the application is only available in certain regions for the time being. We checked on both the Google Play Store and App Store in the UAE to no avail. And it seems that many people all around the world are facing a similar issue. We will have to wait just a bit longer to try out Byte but hopefully, it will be worth it.