Viewsonic VG2455 Review – Is being a USB-C monitor the best part?


Considering the rise in home offices right now, the ViewSonic VG2455 brings an array of features useful to people who need a monitor for productivity. Coming in at Dh997.50, the VG2455 provides an affordable option for users looking for a bigger display.

ViewSonic VG2455

The installation process on the VG2455 is extremely easy. The base attached to the stem with just one screw while the screen attaches to the stem with a slide and lock mechanism. everything remains sturdy and tight. Highly appreciate the ease in the set-up process of the monitor.

Body and Design

ViewSonic VG2455

As soon as you remove the ViewSonic VG2455 monitor from the box, you notice how nice it looks. Its sports a sleek black slim-bezel design that adds an aesthetic appeal to one’s workstation. It has an ergonomic flat-base stand that has a combination of silver and black colours that complement its frameless bezels really well. This stand can be customized for a wide variety of adjustments including pivot, tilt, height adjustments and swivel. One can achieve a tilt of 40 degrees, to work comfortably even while standing – this can prove to be an excellent tool for group discussions with co-workers(if and when those start happening). It has a frameless design, so several monitors can be placed edge-to-edge to create a multi-monitor for big-screen visuals and communication.

ViewSonic VG2455 Bezels


Considering the increase in screen time these days, the display becomes a primary aspect when considering an office monitor. ViewSonic’s VG2455 offers the regular 24-inch screen with Full HD resolution. While this is great, one may be able to procure a WQHD monitor for the same price range as this. The higher price on the VG2455 can be blamed on the USB-C connectivity the monitor comes with.

The display comes with a quality IPS panel that delivers decent colour and sharpness. The Blue light filter is easy on the eyes and helps in eliminating eye strain. ViewSonic VG2455 operates with a 60Hz refresh rate, which is adequate for an office monitor. It hasn’t shown any lag during our review and delivered a glitch-free experience. It may not work for professional gamers, as it is not a gaming monitor and can’t reasonably be compared with one.

In my usage of the display, the initial usage was a bit of a task. Tuning it to your liking is definitely annoying thanks to weird button layout on the bottom right of the display. Once done, the rest is decent. The ability to toggle the display in various positions is amazing!

ViewSonic VG2455


The monitor supports a good range of connectivity options. ViewSonic’s device comes with DisplayPort, VGA, HDMI, and a USB 3.1 Type C. The Type C port enabled me to have just one cable to charge my laptop as well as power it up. This made things and I like that! It also reduces cable clutter by connecting the AV using a single connector – something most affordable monitors still don’t provide. The integrated speakers on the monitor will do a decent job but they’re nothing to write home about.

Viewsonic VG2455 Connectivity

All in all, being the first to offer USB Type C charging in its price segment in the region, the ViewSonic VG2455 does make some waves. It’s a decent buy for those looking to build a sleek, good-looking and functional workstation at home right now.