“Use gaming to destress” says Sayed Hashem, otherwise known as the Tekken Master


In the world of COVID 19, distressing can be very important. Gaming is a route a lot of people seem to be going down. We spoke to Sayed Hashem from Nasr Esports about his journey into gaming, if he has any suggestions for people looking to invest in gaming machines and much more.

Known as Tekken Master in the fighting game community (FGC), Sayed Hashem has been playing competitively since 2010. At the end of 2016, Nasr Esports signed him and since then he has finished 3rd at ELEAGUE in Injustice 2, had multiple top 3 finishes at EVO, won many global tournaments and is currently ranked 4th in the MK 11 Pro Kompetition 2019 global leaderboard.

How did you first get into gaming?

At the age of 6, I started watching my brothers play video games which got me interested to try it out myself. I started exploring with different kinds of games and spent hours being totally immersed and before I knew it, I was hooked.

What does your gaming set-up look like at home? / What sort of tech should a gamer look to invest in?

My set up consists of 2 tables in my room; the first one is for my gaming laptop; the Legion Y740 and elgato stream deck. Both products were provided to me by Lenovo and Nasr Esports, really helping me to have a smooth, immersive gaming experience. My other set up is for my monitor and PS4. And as every gamer across the world, my most important investment is my gaming chair where I spend hours gaming. In my opinion, when it comes to your gaming set up, it solely depends on your preference. If you’d like to play games casually, I recommend a PlayStation or an Xbox One. If you want to both play and stream games, I recommend a laptop or streaming PC. However, if you want to play professionally as a PC gamer and streamer, then you would need two high end PCs and a stream deck.

The Lenovo Legion Y740

Why do you think gaming is becoming increasingly popular in the region? 

Gaming has grown to be a huge part of entertainment – especially in this region, where there is a young and tech-savvy population. With more games being released every year across different categories, it is highly unlikely that the pace of gaming will slow down. As a perfect way to de-stress or enter a virtual world, you will rarely find a family without at least one gamer in the house. One of the reasons I love video games is that there is constant improvement and depth which gets upgraded with every new game. In addition, mobile games have made gaming much more accessible to people in the region who perhaps cannot afford a console or PC to game on.

As the gaming community grows, why are organisations such as Nasr Esports and Lenovo so important to you? What does they help you achieve?

Let’s start off with Nasr Esports, as they believed in me from the start – even prior to joining the team. When I joined Nasr Esports, I was presented with a team that guides me, helps me in identifying the best way to build my career in esports and provide me with the best opportunities possible. A big part of the reason why I joined Nasr Esports is that they are an Arab Esports organization, signing only players from the Middle East and helping grow talent – which is what we need to fully represent ourselves on the world’s stage. Nasr Esports has signed and supported a number of prominent esports players for 2 – 3 years and made them successful not only in the region, but globally. When working with the Nasr Esports team on different projects, it feels like a family collaboration, which is why I always put my heart and soul into it.

As for Legion by Lenovo, being the main sponsor for team Nasr Esports, it is encouraging to see the brand not only support us by providing the necessary equipment to stream, but also in terms of investing in regional players and helping grow our potential globally – whether it’s through their social media channels or on-ground activations. This exposure gives us the motivation to pursue our goals, develop more skills and to ensure that future talents continue to be discovered and grown locally. 

Do you usually game alone, or with friends and family?

I consider myself lucky to have my brothers who always support me when it comes to gaming. So, I usually game with them, as well as my friends – both online and offline.

Have you seen an increasing trend in people gaming as a way of spending time together? 

Absolutely! We’re seeing more and more games introduced to the market which are designed around teamwork and collaboration. Your success in games such as Counter Strike and Call of Duty all depend on how well you communicate with your team. Also, many gamers participate in tournaments such as Evo, where we all look forward to interacting and spending time together. 

With the recent developments this year and given the current situation, people are spending much more of their time indoors. People are learning new skills and finding ways of keeping entertained as a family. Gaming is a great way to spend more quality time together, and as people continue to realize its benefits, I think the popularity of gaming will continue to grow.

Nasr Esports teams and players

How does gaming fit in with your daily routine and lifestyle?

It is always difficult to balance your passion with your responsibilities – in any field. As gaming is something, I am passionate about, over the years, I have developed certain routines that help me get my hours of gaming, while ensuring I also spend time with friends, family and keep myself fit and healthy.  

With people working from home, do you have any tips on how people can use gaming to disconnect and de-stress?

One of the perks of gaming is that it is an escape from reality into a virtual world. On several occasions you will find gamers who have had a bad or long day, who resort to gaming as a method of de-stressing and to disconnect. Gaming is now a totally immersive experience and the variety of games is huge, you can choose to play a game of golf on the best course in the world by yourself, or play a fitness, dancing or singing game by yourself or with friends and family. You can even challenge your friends to an action-packed game or a quiz. What’s great about gaming is that there is something for everyone even if your choice is to play by yourself or with others. Whether you choose a quick fix for 20 minutes or grid for hours. Gaming is now available for every taste or interest. It is probably the best value for money form of entertainment available today.


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