Ultrawings lets you soar with open-world VR on Oculus Rift


Human beings have long fantasised about flight. Sadly, most of us aren’t qualified pilots and cannot afford the steep fees for lessons and aircraft rental (forget about purchase). But don’t stop dreaming. In Ultrawings, you can pilot a light aircraft to complete a variety of challenges across a beautiful, island-themed world. This independently-developed Oculus Rift title could set us all free.

Ultrawings is being called the first open-world, aerial-themed game designed and developed exclusively for VR

The teaser trailer doesn’t show us very much, but if Ultrawings can deliver what it says on the can, it will be an amazing escape.

The game includes full Oculus Touch support, and indy developer Bit Planet Games (BPG) has promised “an unparalleled level of immersion and interactivity”.

“When I was 13 I had an extremely vivid dream of flying an ultralight across the ocean,” ” says Christopher Stockman, BPG’s Founder and Studio Director. “It was so realistic that I ended up writing a short story about that experience the next morning. Now, more than 25 years later, I can finally turn that dream into (virtual) reality.”

BPG will be demoing a playable version of Ultrawings at booth B30 at the Virtual Reality Los Angeles (VRLA) show that runs Friday and Saturday in Los Angeles.

Ultrawings is slated to be released in the fourth quarter for Oculus Rift.

We’ll keep you up to speed with other cool news coming out of VRLA, and update this post with any Ultrawings footage as it becomes available.

The game is the latest in a growing number of VR-related tech stories. Last week, we reported on the sprawling Metaworld, and there are even UAE-based VR initiatives coming to the fore in Dubai Summer Surprises.