Do Udrive? It’s an Uber-style car rental app! #madeinDubai

Udrive cars outside the #GNTECH offices this morning. Photo by Keith J Fernandez

In an uncertain economy, why buy a new car? That appears to be the thinking behind the launch of a new Uber-style app for rentals that allows users to pay as they go. Or maybe Udrive is just catering to tourists.

Either way, the home-grown app looks set to revolutionise the city’s car rental industry. Cars can be booked and paid for by the minute via the Udrive app. Once the driver has gone over four hours with the car, a flat day rate of Dh120 applies, and the driver has use of the car for the rest of the day.

The tech behind Udrive

Access is keyless, via a mobile phone, and there’s free parking at key areas of the city, where permitted, as well as free petrol, so there’s no bother of tanking up. When finished, the driver simply needs to leave the car at their destination for the next driver to pick up, or for the Udrive team to collect.

What we’re loving here at #GNTECH is the way Udrive uses new connected technology to track its 50-strong fleet of cars and provide keyless access. It was all developed in Germany, so you can be sure it’s safe and efficient. Udrive also says it’s simple for drivers to operate.

“Dubai’s ever-changing need for transport solutions, the transient nature of life, and the overriding costs of car ownership make pay-as-you-go car rental a viable alternative,” says Hasib Khan, Managing Director, Udrive. “For those who don’t want to commit to ownership, or don’t have the need for everyday car accessibility, Udrive makes the perfect option.”


For the moment, the company’s entire fleet comprises Toyota Yaris cars, but Udrive hopes to expand its fleet over the next six months, in line with market demand. Expanding to other countries is also on the cards.

“We have ambitious plans for Udrive here in Dubai, and the rest of the UAE, while we’re also looking to other Gulf markets for the opportunity to bring Udrive to key cities in the GCC countries,” Khan says.

Signing up to means that members only need to provide their details once and will receive their credentials for the application, which is available through the App Store or Google Play.