UberEats comes to the UAE on Thursday


Earlier this year, Uber launched a new app called UberEats, a food delivery service that started in quite a few cities in North America. Back then we predicted that, going by the company’s track record, we could expect to see the same in more cities around the world.

Sure enough, we caught a glimpse of the delivery service’s motorcycles in Dubai, which means that the launch of UberEats in Dubai could be just around the corner. There have been quite a few sightings already around the emirate from Downtown to Ghusais and even on and around Shaikh Zayed Road.

Picture: Daanesh Kalyaniwalla

We even tried downloading the app, but it hasn’t yet listed Dubai. A popup message says it will notify us soon.


Update: UberEats is all set to expand its services to eight new cities. Dubai and Johannesburg are getting the service this Thursday. Yes! Just in time for the long weekend.