Uber to launch UberEats


Uber is planning to launch a new app in March. UberEats, is to be a food delivery service that will start in ten cities in the US, and if the company’s history is any indication, will grow exponentially in time.

Uber hungry

UberEats will be an expansion of UberEats Instant, a service that guarantees food within ten minutes. UberEats Instant will function under its own name as a lunch time-only service. Uber drivers in Chicago, New York, LA, Austin, Washington DC, San Francisco, Seattle, Dallas, Houston and Atlanta will be the first to test the service.

GrubHub and Seamless have been the rulers of the food delivery world for a while now (in the US, at least). Groupon recently acquired OrderUp and clearly Uber wants a piece of this cake.


Will this service come to the UAE any time soon? That remains to be seen.

Would you use UberEats? Do you think the UAE’s delivery scene needs this service?