Uber Boat launches in Mumbai to battle road congestion

Uber Boat comes to the shores of Mumbai
Uber Boat comes to the shores of Mumbai Image via: CNTraveler.com

The city of Mumbai in India is one of the most congested cities in the world. You can spend hours on the roads during rush hour trying to get from one side of the city to another. Uber introduces Uber Boat to tackle just that.

Uber has been in Mumbai for almost four years now. The city has become the ride-hailing company’s biggest market in Asia.
Source: Uber Youtube

In Uber’s quest to disrupt all forms of transportation, it has launched its Boat service in Mumbai, poised to ease the frustration of commuters. It’s currently in a pilot stage with expansion likely over the next few weeks.

Uber Boat – Price and Availability

Uber Boat in Croatia
Source: Uber.com

It’s a great concept but there’s a catch. Individual seats can’t be booked, yet. Rides start at 5,700 rupees (294.41 Dhs) for a six or eight-seater boat and go up to 9,500 rupees (460.69 Dhs) for larger vessels that can accommodate 10 riders. The company will only accept bookings for an entire boat, not individual seats.

Mumbai is Uber’s biggest market in Asia and it’s large waterfront makes Uber Boat a great addition. Uber already operates a boat service in Croatia and Turkey. It has also launched it temporarily in cities like Baltimore, Boston, Cairo, Kiev and for the Cannes film festival in France.

Source: Uber Youtube


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