Reactions: UAE residents readying to #Netflixandchill

Jessica Jones is one superhuman we've warmed to, thanks to Netflix. Image via Wikimedia Commons
Jessica Jones is one superhuman we've warmed to, thanks to Netflix. Image via Wikimedia Commons

Netflix is in the UAE and television and movie fans are delighted. After the US-based streaming service announced it would launch the service in over 130 countries, the hashtag #NetflixEverywhere has been trending in the UAE along with many other countries, Gulf News reports.

“Goodbye, friends. #NetflixAndChill” tweeted ‏@OneMapua. Tweets from other parts of the world had similar content, with most people anticipating staying at home this weekend to watch their favourite TV shows.

According to international statistics, streaming services account for 27 per cent of all global digital revenue.

Netflix long overdue

On Gulf News’ Facebook page, readers posted comments saying the service being made available in the UAE was long overdue and shared titles of TV shows they’re most interested in watching, with Daredevil being the top favourite.

Rohan John, a 28-year-old consultant based in Dubai, is also a fan of the show and was excited with the announcement. “With the internet, there are a lot of options available to people. There are other websites that also stream TV shows but their quality is not the same as Netflix’s library. I guess the question is are you willing to pay for a better service. I personally am,” he said.

Another tweep, posting under the handle @ImanBenChaibah, wrote: “Just when I was finally about to sleep, I was told Netflix launched in UAE! Now I have to explore & discover if we got the real deal or not!”

Some were disappointed with famous TV shows like House of Cards and Friends missing from the UAE version. But those familiar with the way Netflix operates said this was not unexpected.

Rohan John said: “You need to see how the format is for the region. A lot of Netflix shows, if you notice are tailor-made. So what you get in the US is not what you get in Canada or France or Germany. So, a lot of these popular shows might be missing. It’s still quite interesting and in the future they might add more shows to their library.”

Afzal Hussain, a 29-year-old sales executive based in Dubai, agreed. “If you follow how Netflix is in each country, its different. It all depends on licencing. I’m sure once they sort out the licencing, they’ll make more shows available for the UAE. I’m really excited about Netflix coming to the UAE, especially since I am interested in the critically-acclaimed show Jessica Jones. Now, I’ll be able to finally watch it properly.”


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