Mobile data at 2 fils a minute from Etisalat

There's no volume limit on usage, but speed is limited to 1mbps

etisalat mobile data 2fils
Just dial *777# on a prepaid Etisalat number to get started

Ever run out of data a couple of days before your monthly plan automatically renewed? We know, we’ve been there, had the experience and bought the T-shirt. UAE telecoms provider Etisalat is attempting to assuage that pain point with its latest offering.

As of today, prepaid customers can simply start or stop data consumption whenever they want. And it only costs 2 fils a minute, Etisalat said in a statement.

The new data service, a first in the region, is expected to foster a completely new behaviour of short-period on-demand mobile internet access, making data easy-to-use and affordable for all UAE prepaid subscribers.

Magic number 777

How do you go about it? Simply by dialling *777# to start or stop a data session. Customers will only be charged for the minutes in between, Etisalat says. There’s no volume limit on usage – and therefore no need to worry about MB or GB anymore.

What’s the catch? Data speed will be limited to 1mbps during the Start/Stop data session. This is actually enough to upload or download rich content, stream videos or access a mobile-optimised site.

“The Start/Stop data service will be a game changer for the industry, making data usage accessible to all prepaid subscribers and most of all affordable,” says Khaled Al Khouly, Chief Consumer Officer at Etisalat. “Time-based data access with pay-per-minute charging has not been launched on a commercial scale as we have done here. We are confident customers will enjoy this innovative new data service that gives them the agility to use and pay as per their usage.”