UAE, have you downloaded Guvera yet?


…well you have to and here’s why.

Guvera is a pretty cool music streaming service. Moreover, UAE users have legal and free access to millions of tracks.

Here’s a quick walk through of the app: After a lengthy Sign Up process, you’re registered and directed through a few screens that tell you a bit more about the service.

I say lengthy because you have to fill your name, email, date of birth, gender, address, blood group and lyrics to any Backstreet Boys song. (I’m kidding about the last three BTW).

Guvera Ads

What makes the app a little more special is the way ads are delivered. The app presents ads in a way that does not disrupt the listening experience.

Guvera (5)

So while listening to songs, nothing interrupts you – unless you hit the back key to return to a playlist or change the music you’re listening to. Another way the ads are delivered are though pop ups that silently appear while you’re listening to music and disappear within 5 seconds – even before you knew it was there.

I found a few Iron Maiden and ACDC tracks as well. Guvera apparently has over 30 million licensed songs – so it wasn’t surprising that a few old school heavy metal tracks were a part of the offering.

The app also offers free access to popular local Arabic and Bollywood artists while also providing royalties to the artists and record labels responsible for producing it.

In the free version, you have 6 skips per hour. So use them well.

Guvera on Valentine’s Day

Yesterday, Guvera announced their specific Valentine’s Day playlist.

So I powered up the playlist and enjoyed a bit of Whitney. I had used up my skips for the hour, so I mellowed into the music, but had to eventually give up on the playlist as soon as U Got It Bad by Usher began playing.

Guvera (12)Guvera (14)











Commenting on the new playlist, Ananya Amin, Guvera Head of Business Development, Asia, said:

“Love songs tend to touch the heart, and are golden no matter your age. Our top romantic songs playlist is a mix of the best in music from ageless classics to more modern numbers, and this feel-good playlist has been created to bring together the world in spreading a little bit of love this season.”

One of the main features that impressed me about the app is the way content is curated. It included special playlists when Glenn Frey and David Bowie died, a family-friendly Festive playlist during Christmas and uplifting tunes during the UAE National Day.

Guvera #Play

A unique feature of the service is #Play, which provides users with the ability to tailor their music experience based on their mood, activity or genre using hashtags (#). Users can also start stations based on their favourite artist or song as well as manage and share their own playlists. The integrated social features enable users to follow friends and celebrities on Guvera, and access their playlists.

Guvera (20)

My personal playlist that included #New, #ClassicRock, #80s, #Reggae and #RockNRoll started off with a bit of Alice In Chains – which was a pleasant surprise, followed by Barbra Streisand’s Woman in Love – which was a shocking surprise. Out goes the #80s hashtag before that song gets stuck in my head.Guvera (1)

Offline Music Buffering

The app also allows users to listen to their favourite music while spending minimum data. Songs are remembered as you play them and you can manage your storage limits for automatically cached songs.

Guvera Platinum

I saved the best for last. Guvera’s Platinum service is impressive. For less than the price of a movie ticket, the Platinum service features no ads whatsoever, the option to play any track at any time, the full track list for each playlist (it’s hidden in the free version), unlimited skips for any #Play station and the option to play your cached tracks offline.

The Platinum subscription costs Dh33 per month and allows users to opt out anytime.

Guvera (10) Guvera (9)











To end as I began: UAE, have you downloaded Guvera yet? If not, allow me to make it easier: here you go android users, and you too, Apple fan boys and girls.

Guvera is available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone, tablets and smartphones, as well a desktop version via Guvera is also available to use on the Apple Watch.