The UAE’s fibre optics claim top spot in world rankings

The UAE is the world's best-connected country for fibre optics

fibre optics

So there’s a a body called the Fibre to the Home (FTTH) Council. Its functions include checking the penetration rate of fibre optics globally. The UAE has claimed top spot in FTTH penetration for 2016.

UAE ranks number 1

The council’s recently published annual report highlighted the country with a coverage of 93.7 per cent compared to countries such as Qatar (87.9 per cent), Singapore (85.4 per cent), South Korea (79.8 per cent), Hong Kong (73.7 per cent) and Japan (53.9 per cent). Eleven countries were shortlisted, all of which had a penetration rate above 40 per cent.

Etisalat and fibre optics

Etisalat has invested more than Dh28 billion in the building of the infrastructure. CEO Saleh Al Abdooli credited the achievement to “the long-term vision of the UAE leadership of development and modernisation”.

Fiber optics allow Etisalat to provide its customers with speeds of up to 1GBps.

What is fibre optics?

In simple words, fiber optics involves the transmission of information through a coded beam of light inside a glass or plastic pipe. In a vacuum this form of transmission can achieve speeds of 300,000kmps (which is the speed of light) but in fibre optic cables it can reach about two-thirds of this speed.


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