Twitter gets a facelift on Android

Twitter character expansion

Twitter still struggles with being the primary app used by tweeters. In its early days, majority of the user base were using third-party applications like TweetDeck for their tweeting. Twitter may have been a fun, new social platform but it was not a great tool, which is why it let everyone play with its API. Over the past few years though, Twitter has tried to bolster its app and get its fledgling user base to want to use its app.


I’ve been using it for a couple of years now since its last major update and now we see another one has propped up, but only for Android as of now. The new update brings with it some sweeping UI changes that will definitely please people. A fixed tab at the top while you scroll lets you slide between your timeline, notifications and DMs. The extreme left slide lets you access the Setting and your Profile screen, a very Android-y feature. A button floating in the bottom right of the screen is an always-on Compose tweet button that lets you share your thoughts immediately with the Twitterverse.

Twitter has done a lot of catching up this new update. All the features are mainstays on most Android apps and seems like Google practically designed this one. If you don’t have the update yet, you definitely will soon. It’s been on a global roll-out since yesterday.