Twitterati to Note 7: You are fired!

A couple from Florida, USA, claimed a Samsung Note 7 exploded inside their vehicle, setting it on fire (Pic Nathan and Lydia Dornacher)

When a company’s shiny new product has the potential to set the world on fire, it usually means a big party and lots of congratulatory speeches. Unless, of course, the product happens to be a Samsung Galaxy Note 7. The phone has given a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘sales are booming’, as reports trickle in of the Note 7 exploding while being charged.

The situation is bad enough that airlines and civil aviation authorities have started taking notice — the UAE General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA), for example, has banned the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 from being used, charged or carried in luggage on board UAE carriers. Meanwhile, Bloomberg reports that Samsung lost $22 billion (approximately Dh80 billion) of market value in just two days, as investors factor in the repercussions from the Note 7 bans and the global recall.

However, as expected, the Twitterati have made their fiery presence felt, and proven yet again that they are not the type to sit back, sip on their colas and let the Note 7 controversy, well, blow over.