Is Trump’s new phone a Samsung Galaxy S4?

Does Trump have a choice over his smartphone?


The whole world awaits the change in power that is to happen in the United States later today. Donald Trump’s inauguration as new president is a few hours away and that comes with its fair share of secrecy. One of the biggest changes the president-elect must endure is trading in his personal smartphone for a secure one.

Donald Trump using his smartphone

While Trump has expressed his unwillingness to do so, the New York Times suggests it’s already been done. His Android smartphone has been traded in for a more encrypted device approved by the Secret Service. It is a new number that not many people have in their contact book and comes with its fair share of limitations. But what make is it?

Chances are, it may be a Samsung Galaxy S4. But don’t expect it to work like any average Galaxy smartphone. In fact, you can’t even call it a “smart” phone. Reports tell us it is heavily modified to suit security protocols and cannot even make outgoing calls. During his term in office, it is believed Obama couldn’t even take pictures or text with it.

Obama on his secure smartphone?

In addition, only a limited number of Android applications can find their way onto the device regulated by the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA). The agency is responsible for all White House communications. Despite the restrictions, the special handset is one of the very few to be eligible to access SIPRNet, the US military’s highly classified network.

So does this signal the end of Trump’s prolific Twitter presence? Not quite. Just like Obama, Trump will be able to access the social media platform using another device.