Anki Overdrive now has trucks

This post includes the coolest scene from the 1986's Transformers, because trucks (Sorry, Michael Bay, the CGI's great and everything but you don't know how to build characters and every film has gone downhill since 2008)

Anki Overdrive trucks

Trucks. #GNTECH has been enthralled by them since we saw one turn into Optimus Prime in the late 1980s. Fast forward twenty-something years to this summer, when we reviewed the Anki Overdrive, an AI-driven, modular evolution of the classic slot car concept. Now, Anki has thrown trucks into the mix. Sorry, they’re called supertrucks.

Anki Overdrive Trucks
The name’s wheel… FREEWHEEL. My unique weapon is Gravity Trap, which disables opponents’ vehicles, causing them to lose control. I also have a really big curved windshield 

Harald Belker. You may not have heard the name of the man who designed Anki’s trucks and cars, but you’ve almost certainly seen his work. Belkar is the creative mind behind some of the coolest future rides seen in Hollywood. His portfolio includes the Maglev in 2002’s Minority Report and that Mustang in Death Race. See also: the bikes in Tron (2010). 

Truck talk

Anki’s sleek supertrucks are about three times the size of the faster but punier supercars we already know. Each truck gives you not only a range of cool (virtual) weapons but also adds new game modes. #GNTECH will be sure to explore all this we over the weekend. 

“We are delivering a new form of play that brings an unprecedented level of customisation, character personality and interaction to life in a physical game,” says Stuart Collingwood, General Manager, Europe, Middle East and Africa at Anki. “It’s important we continually expand and improve on the robotic battle-racing experience via new hardware releases as well as free gameplay app updates.”

According to market research firm Euromonitor International, the UAE outpaces other Mena countries when it comes to smart technology. The research states that drones and robotics lead the way in advanced technology, with applications found mostly in the sectors of home appliances, toys and games. “Robotics and artificial intelligence are increasingly becoming part of our daily lives. We are proud to bring a unique entertainment experience that is powered by robotics technology to a country as forward thinking as the UAE,” adds Stuart.

Anki Overdrive trucks
Don’t mess with the X52’s Pulse Ram, lest you want to be sent skittering off the track

OK, we’re done boring you with that IoT research. Why not check out the iconic scene referred to in the first paragraph? Inspiration warning: You will feel stronger after watching this.


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