Travelmate: Robot suitcase that follows you around


Unless you’re travelling with a backpack or a duffel bag, you’re usually stuck lugging a suitcase. What if the suitcase could just help you and follow you around? Introducing the Travelmate by Travelmate Robotics. It’s the first autonomous suitcase that works seamlessly in crowds and doesn’t require any extra peripherals. And it is trending on Indiegogo.

Travelmate can move vertically and horizontally when autonomous. It can accompany you when going to the airport, commuting to work or just walking outside. It’ll match your speed accurately and can go as fast as 10.8km/h. It has machine learning capabilities meaning that it becomes smarter the more you use it.

The robotic suitcase integrates with your smartphone and is programmable to perform quite a few tasks. You can even stack more items or another suitcase on top of it while it moves horizontally. The Travelmate is able to navigate large crowds and can recognize and avoid objects as needed. Smart features such as omni-wheels and Follow Me system make the Travelmate an intelligent travel companion. The Follow Me system has built-in sensors that detect as well as avoid obstacles such as people and furniture. It syncs with the app to follow you and to better pinpoint its location at all times.

The battery that powers the suitcase is removable and is chargeable wirelessly. The battery can also charge most of your devices via a USB port and a standard electrical outlet. It has a battery life of 4 hours in autonomous mode and 100 hours on standby mode. Multi-coloured LED lighting is a feature on all models and signifies the battery level. These are highly customisable. It uses turn signals like on cars to let the user know where it’s going. There is also a speaker that informs of obstacles and its location at all times.

But, let’s not forget that it is a suitcase in the end. The handle of the suitcase transforms into a portable desk that you can use for laptops, books, documents and many other things. It also has an easily accessible separate compartment that allows you to store valuables such as passports and portable electronics. One cool feature is that it comes with a fingerprint sensing lock that offers added security.

There are currently 3 different suitcase models: S, M and finally L. The S is about the size of a carry, which allows it to be carried on board. The M is smack in the middle and is the most preferred mode of packing. The L is perfect for long trips and moving houses.

There are a range of colour options available as well on the Indiegogo page. Head over to the website to help fund your own travelling robot companion, starting from $399 (Dh1,460).


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