First look: Transformers style robot-car for Abu Dhabi launch

transformers letrons abu dhabi
The Letrons car took 12 engineers eight months to create

A car that turns into a robot? It’s your Transformers dream come true here in the UAE.
Earlier this year Turkish engineers were successful at turning the big-budget film into reality, by building a car that transforms into a giant robot. And Abu Dhabi will witness the global launch of the concept this month.

The company, Letrons, is bringing the car to Dubai’s Big Boys Toys Exhibition (BBT), which takes place in the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (ADNEC) from November 23 to 26.

So what’s the car like?

Apparently it doesn’t have space for a driver or passenger (there go your dreams of dominating Jumeirah Beach Road), but it does actually drive by remote control, according to its creators.

Built on a BMW chassis, it took 12 engineers eight months to create.

A video posted to YouTube in September shows the car driving around a paved lot before stopping and transforming into a giant robot that moves its head, arms and fingers. The robot then transforms back into a car and continues its drive.

BBT features rare and innovative products from across 11 categories. Other product launches and exhibits this year include the best of the best the world has to offer such as the world’s fastest street legal bike, the global launch of the world’s fastest supercar (another one!), the launch of Khalifa the Boat with supercar features, 3D-printed music instruments and other insane things.

“Our visitors will be a part of an exclusive journey in experiencing the world’s most unbelievable inventions. We are humbled to host the best show the world has seen yet and are proud to say the event features different products year in, year out, making each show exclusive, this is truly an experience you’ll not want to miss,” says Biju Jayaraaj, the CEO of Artaaj, organisers of the supershow.

Tickets are available at

How it evolves

letrons abu dhabi bbt

The car appears to be a normal BMW at first glance

letrons abu dhabi bbt
And then it evolves.. slowly
letrons abu dhabi bbt
At full height the Letrons is a giant monster


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