You can now track fitness on Google Calendar

Thanks to Apple Health integration, iOS users can benefit too

Google Fit Calendar

The new year always brings a spike in gym memberships and people trying to stay healthy. “New year, new me”. It’s one week in, so I’m guessing most of you have given up. Well, Google has your back! 

Google Calendar can now track fitness goals

So goals have been on Google Calendar (Android and iOS) for a while, where you can set a goal and the frequency at which you want to meet it. It also adjusts your goals according to your calendar and even reschedules it if you’ve got a conflicting appointment. So if you’re scheduled to run twice a week and a last-minute meeting pops up, your run will get postponed accordingly. 

With the integration of Google Fit and Apple Health, you can track your progress too. Google Calendar can now tell you when you’ve achieved a goal and you can track progress from within the app. And yes, you read that right: it has Apple Health integration too. 

So what say we give those resolutions another shot? Let us know how it goes. 


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