TP-Link unveils Deco X90 WiFi 6 mesh system


The TP-Link Deco X90 comes with premium hardware, WiFi 6 and an AI-Driven mesh. In combination, it provides the ultimate online experience and superb wireless performance.

Fast and efficient

TP-Link’s Deco X90 features tri-band support with quad-stream radios for all three WiFi bands. You also find support for 1024-QAM and 160MHz, boosting overall wireless speeds up to 6,600Mbps. Thanks to its 2.5Gbps port and a gigabit port, the Deco X90 is capable of ultra-fast internet access for wired devices.

With WiFi 6 and technologies such as OFDMA and MU-MIMO, the Deco X90 allows for a more efficient network. This quadruples the average throughput for connected devices especially in dense environments. In fact, it has been tested to connect up to 200 devices without dragging down performance.

AI-Driven mesh technology

With AI-Driven mesh technology, the Deco X90 has a self-learning capability. Using this, it can learn the network environment, client quality and user behaviour, constantly improving itself through experience and sophisticated algorithms. For example, it can adjust channel settings or transmission power levels of neighbouring access points on the same network to provide robust wireless coverage.

The stronger backhaul connection boosts coverage

Smart and secure

The Deco X90 is equipped with six internal high-gain antennas and two smart array antennas. The high-gain antennas are responsible for creating strong, clear and dependable WiFi throughout your home whereas the two smart array antennas use intelligent algorithms to auto-detect the location of other Deco units for a stronger backhaul between them. The device even supports working with Alexa providing a more intelligent lifestyle.

It is WP3 encrypted and has support for TP-Link HomeShield powered by Avira. This way, Deco X90 is one of the most secure mesh WiFi systems on the market. TP-Link HomeShield also future-proofs home network security by paying extra attention to your smart home devices. It delivers real-time security and antivirus support, ensuring safe home networks for families.

Pricing and availability

TP-Link’s new whole home WiFi 6 mesh system, Deco X90. Armed with the latest technology — such as WiFi 6, AI-Driven Mesh, and premium hardware — the tri-band mesh system provides superb wireless performance and the ultimate online experience. It will be from April 2021 in the market at Dh2399.


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