TP-Link launches Tapo Care


TP-Link has launched Tapo Care, a breakthrough cloud storage service for Tapo cameras. It supports many intelligent functions including person detection, motion tracking and privacy zones.

30-Day Cloud video history

When the Tapo camera is turned on, all the moments captured can be stored by Tapo Care without worrying about the storage space limitation.

Monitor your home easily via your smartphone

Users can check the recorded video anywhere and anytime regardless of the camera status. This is done ensuring that user privacy is 100 per-cent protected.

Advanced AI

To satisfy the evolving needs of camera users, Tapo Care now comes with an updated camera algorithm. This supports functions such as person detection, baby crying detection and privacy zones.

  • Person detection is an update on the traditional motion tracking function found in many standard security cameras. Users can monitor movement and have notifications sent to your phone when necessary.
  • A Tapo camera can become a baby monitor by combining person detection and baby crying functions. Once your child cries, you will instantly receive the notification so that you can check on your baby.
  • Tapo Care protects users’ privacy by owning the cloud service provider. TP-Link also encourages users to set customizable block zones to keep specific spaces from being recorded.


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