Top Ramadan apps to download now

Ramadan apps

By Zaheda Virjee, Intern – Gulf News

From finding prayer timings and restaurants to feeding hungry refugees, help is at hand for almost everything you need in Ramadan. We’ve rounded up the best.

Share the meal1. ShareTheMeal

Ramadan is not only a month of fasting but a month of giving and sharing. Why not share your iftar meal with Syrian refugee children? They are among the 795-million people worldwide who do not have enough food to lead a healthy life.

With ShareTheMeal, created for the United Nations World Food Programme, you can help make a difference “whenever you want and wherever you are”. Feeding a hungry child for a day costs only Dh2. The app also provides transparency, allowing people to view exactly where their donations will be used. Since its launch last year, 5.8 million meals have been shared by users all around the world. Available on App Store and Play Store

Sallety Ramadan app2. Sallety

Ever bought something at a supermarket only to go to another one the next week and find the same item for a much lower price? If that’s you, download Sallety, an app from the Department of Economic Development that allows you to compare the prices of everyday necessities from supermarkets across Dubai including Carrefour, Spinneys and LuLu.

Not only does it help householders on a tight budget but the app also allows users to complain when goods are unfairly priced. Available on App Store and Play Store

Ela Salaty Ramadan app3. Ela Salaty

Count down to Iftar or Fajr on your wrist with Ela Salaty, an app compatible with Apple watch. It allows you to check prayer times for the whole day and the next week by sliding down your screen. If you’re a frequent traveller, slide left or right to change in between locations.

Ela Salaty also alerts you at prayer times and a couple of minutes before to give you time to get ready. Its calendar allows users to schedule appointments around prayer timings so you can pray on time! Available on App Store for Dh17.99

Wain Nakel - Ramadan app4. Wain Nakel

“Wain Nakel?” or “Where should we eat?” is a common question people have given the choices available in the UAE. Sultan Al Khayal had the same question when he wanted to go out with his friends and due to their arguments, he decided to create this app.

Choose your location, budget and preferred food and let the app, updated specifically for Ramadan, answer the question for you. Available on App Store and Play Store

Ramadan legacy app5. Ramadan Legacy

Ramadan is the month of self-improvement and with this app you can do just that. It allows users to set up to three goals to aim for by the end of the month.

The app also gives a 30-day action plan, with each day’s plan divided into two sections. The first allows users to record all their daily acts of worship such as praying and reciting Quran. The second section provides users with dua, ayats and hadith for that day. Available on App Store and Play Store

Ramadan Fitness Challenge app6. Ramadan Fitness Challenge

It can be hard to exercise during Ramadan due to fatigue and extreme heat. Why not exercise in the comfort of your home with Ramadan Fitness Challenge? The app, created by “health experts and personal trainers”, gives a daily Ramadan exercise routine.

The routine consists of 12 time-based exercises that increase in difficulty over time, so the more you exercise the more challenging your workout will become. The app additionally provides fitness and health tips, such as make sure to exercise before iftar. Available on App Store and Play Store

Deliveroo Ramadan app7. Deliveroo

Too tired to cook or go out? Why not order your iftar meal from one of the many home delivery apps available? Deliveroo, for example, is an app that claims to deliver food to your doorstep in an average of 32 minutes.

With a delivery fee of only Dh7, order from a variety of restaurants including Magnolia Bakery, Fumé, and Tom & Serg. You can also track your order every step of the way from the restaurant to your door. Other apps that come to the rescue of the tired, time-poor UAE resident include Foodonclick and Zomato. Available on App Store and Play Store

Manal Al Alem Ramadan app8. Manal Al Alem Kitchen

Manal Al Alem, the Egyptian celebrity chef, unsurprisingly, also has an app, which was updated last July on the Google Play Store. Download the app to access more than 2,500 recipes for salads, appetisers, main dishes, side dishes and desserts. With step-by-step instructions, this is a perfect app if you are interested in Middle Eastern cuisine.

Her recipes are available in English in the much older iOS app, which was last updated in 2012. Available on App Store for Dh10.99 and Play Store for free with the Android version being the latest