The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra may cost upward of Dh5,000

Are high-end smartphones getting too expensive?


With Samsung’s Unpacked event a few days from now, we are starting to see leaks about the Galaxy S20 lineup’s pricing. Pre-orders for the phone are expected to open on February 14 with market launch scheduled for March 6. Of course, with 5G and high-end technology in tow, price hikes were expected. But it looks like Samsung’s LTE smartphones are also not going to come cheap.

European bundle offer

In Europe, Samsung is expected to sell its lineup with a free pair of Galaxy Buds+. They are the Korean manufacturer’s upcoming true wireless earbuds and by including them, Samsung may think it could get away with higher prices.

According to information from a few days ago, the Galaxy S20 4G will retail for £799 (Dh 3,810.75) whilst the highest end Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G will cost £1,149 (Dh5,480.04).

Higher prices in other markets too

Traditionally, European prices are always higher than other regions, especially in the UAE. But it seems that this year, that may not be the case. A South Korean leak has confirmed that the Galaxy S20 will retail for KRW1.25 million (Dh3,885.73) while the S20 Plus will be priced at KRW1.35 million (Dh4,196.59).

Image result for galaxy s20 ultra leak
A recent leak of the Samsung Galaxy S20 ultra (via IceUniverse)

The maxed out S20 Ultra 5G though will be considerably higher at KRW1.6 million (Dh4,973.74), equipped with the same base 12GB of RAM that we should see on all models but double the storage at 256GB.

Even United States leaked pricing points to a similar trend, with the price for the Galaxy S20 starting at $999 (Dh3,669.31) going all the way up to $1,399 (Dh5,138.50) for the Galaxy S20 Ultra.

What does this mean for the UAE?

With a discernible trend in pricing, the UAE may also see retail prices close to the ones being quoted. Our estimate is that the base Galaxy S20 will retail for Dh3,699 while the Galaxy S20 Ultra will go up to Dh4,999. And if you plan to pick up a 5G variant of any phone, you may need to shell out a lot more than previous years.