The Samsung Galaxy S10+, S10 and S10e see a price drop in the UAE


Samsung launched its Galaxy S10 line-up just under a month ago in the UAE. The trio of flagship smartphones each cater to a different audience. Having checked out all three phones, we can safely vouch for the series’ display and processing power. You get up to a triple-camera set-up, which in today’s standards delivers a great photo-capturing experience. And to top it off, hefty batteries with wireless and fast charging support.

A drop in price?

Today, Samsung has decided to drop the price of all of its latest Galaxy S-series line-up. Barely after a month since launch, this move has raised a few eyebrows.

The new pricing of

If you head over to Samsung’s official website, the price change is reflected. The Galaxy S10e now sells for Dh210 less starting from Dh2,849 whereas the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10+ prices have dropped by Dh315. The new starting price for the Galaxy S10 is Dh2,884 whereas the Galaxy S10+ now retails for Dh3,284.

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Considering the Huawei P30 and P30 Pro hit the shelves today, the move from Samsung is timely. Huawei has priced its flagship P30 Pro at Dh3,399, Dh200 lower than Samsung’s original asking price for the Galaxy S10+ of Dh3,599. But this change means Samsung’s Galaxy S10+ is now Dh115 cheaper to buy.

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Although it is worth noting that Huawei’s P30 Pro comes with 256GB of on-board storage, double than the 128GB found on Samsung’s Galaxy S10+ at that price. The price drop for the Galaxy S10 also means it is a worthy choice to consider with Huawei’s P30 with both offering 128GB storage.

What would you choose?

Both Samsung’s and Huawei’s flagship smartphones are now priced identically. And with each offering a top of the line experience, which one are you swaying towards for your next purchase?