The new Motorola Razr could be coming this year


We’ve been hearing rumblings of a comeback of the wildly popular Moto Razr for some time now. Since 2019 is clearly the year of the foldable and flexible phone displays, it’s a ripe time for a foldable Motorola Razr flip phone.

Quicklook at the features

We’ve had a look at the schematics and now we’re finding out more on its possible features. The 2019 Razr will essentially be a flip phone with a full, flexible display splitting the screen in half as it folds closed with a second display on the back, similar to its predecessor. The second display will be a basic notification screen with only a few apps having access to it, such as Moto Display, Moto Actions and Moto Camera.

Once opened up, the back display can act as a trackpad to scroll webpages in Chrome. There are plans for support with other apps as well. The screen will shows up to six quick settings. No word on what those will be exactly.

The phone’s primary camera can be used for selfies now, with the secondary display acting as a viewfinder while the main screen can take the photo with a single tap or a swipe. The back display will also show the clock, pulsing notifications and media controls. You can set a different wallpaper for the second display too.

The renewed Motorola Razr has become an even more exciting prospect with a flexible and multiple displays built in. We’re waiting to hear more on an official launch and price.


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