The LG Signature Refrigerator has features you didn’t know you needed


When it comes to family and their health, there should be no compromise. LG agrees too. Continuing the focus on perfection and exclusivity right through their SIGNATURE series, LG brings the SIGNATURE Refrigerator. 

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The LG SIGNATURE Refrigerator takes the lead in refrigeration technologies in three main ways. First is the attention to detail and design. Second is the immense amount of smart tech built into the refrigerator. Last but definitely not least, its concentration of keeping your food fresh for longer than ever. 


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Keeping design, beauty and longevity in mind, stainless steel plays a large part in the way the LG SIGNATURE Refrigerator is made. An all stainless steel body with a scratch-resistant textured finish makes for an impeccable exterior design, enhancing its minimalist style to the fullest.

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The stainless steel interior helps maintain cold air while providing a premium look even to the inside of the already gorgeous fridge. Another great feature of the interior is the Lumishelf. Each shelf comes with its own premium LED lighting to give you the best view possible inside the fridge. 

Smart Tech

The LG SIGNATURE series doesn’t just make appliances pretty, they make them unbelievable smart too. Looking at the minutest details which would make your life easier, they brought the LG SIGNATURE Refrigerator. 

InstaView Door-in-Door

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The first thing you notice as soon as you set your eyes on the fridge is the giant display on the door on your right. InstaView Door-in-Door is a sleek mirrored glass panel that illuminates with two quick knocks, allowing you to see inside the easy access compartment. Thanks to the lack of cold air loss, your food stays fresher longer.  

Auto Open Door

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As the name suggests the Auto Open Door feature is a smart sensor detector at the foot of the refrigerator that opens the door automatically. Just step on the “Door Open” light projection on the floor in front of the refrigerator and the door gently opens. It’s a great solution for when you walk into the house with your hands full with groceries or food. 

The fridge can also open the automatically open the drawers outside the freezer for easier access. 

Smart ThinQ™ with Wi-Fi

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The LG SIGNATURE Refrigerator isn’t just the best you can get right now. It’s also future-proof. With IoT technologies on the horizon, the refrigerator is equipped with LG Smart ThinQ system. You will have completely control of your fridge from anywhere. 

Fresher, Longer

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One of the biggest factors to affect the life-span and freshness of food in your fridge is temperature variance. Whenever you open your fridge door, there is a drop in temperature followed by a spike thanks to aggressive cooling. The more this happens, the more your food is affected. The LG SIGNATURE Refrigerator enables keeping your food fresher for longer in three main ways.  

FRESHShield Cooling

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Your stomach rumbles and you want to know what’s there to munch in your refrigerator. You can’t help yourself. LG knows this and introduces its FRESHShield Cooling which forms a thermal barrier using cold air to maintain temperatures and lock in freshness.

Custom Chill™ Pantry

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The fridge also comes with a wide, deep and versatile pantry which can be set at customized temperatures enabling the storage of a wide range of foods from meats to fresh produce.

Hygiene Fresh+

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Last but not least the extremely unique refrigerator also comes with its Fresh Air Filter with forced air circulation and a dedicated fan which helps to deodorize the air constantly. 

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LG created its LG SIGNATURE refrigerator which takes care of every possible need the modern consumer has and so  much more. For further information on the LG SIGNATURE series, click here


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